1.4W 40GPH Bird Bath Fountain Pump Kit w

1.4W 40GPH Bird Bath Fountain Pump Kit w

SOLAR POWERED FOUNTAIN PUMPS KIT is made up of highly efficient solar panel and new brushless pump.

RUNS AUTOMATICALLY the solar pump will start in 3 seconds after short time sunniness. no battery or electricity needed, works in full sun only (not shade or cloudy day).

DIVERSIFIED NOZZLE Minimum water depth in fountain should be 1 3/4″,Maximum water height: 18″,Regular:10~15″.

DECORTES YOUR GARDEN. Suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

ECO-FRIENDLY design gives you a low carbon consumption life style.Not only conducive to family health, and relieve mood.


Product Description

Runs Automatically No Battery No Electricity


1. ?Works in full sun only(not shade or cloudy day).

2. ?Remove the protection film on the solar panel before use.

3. ?Pump must be immersed in the water with full sun directly to solar panel.


1. ?Remove the protective film on the solar panel

2. ?Put the panel into the water horizontally

3. ?Keep panel face directly to the sun, start to spray


Color: Black

Package Wight: 11.2 ounces

Solar Panel: 7V / 1.4W

Lifespan: 10,000 hours

Max Water-jet Height: 17.7 inches

Package Size: 7.0 x 2.7 x 2.3 inches

The Power of Pump: 6V / 0.8W

Maximum Water Height of Pump: 39.3 inches

Maximum Flow Quantity of Pump: 150 L/h

Diameter of Solar Panel: 6.3 inches(16cm)

Automatically Start: The pump will start in 3 seconds after short time sunniness


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