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LanChuon Vacuum Seal Storage Bags, Double Seal Heavy Duty Space Saver

✅ NOTHING BACK IN Double zipper guarantees airtight and watertight seal protects items from water, bugs, dirt, and odors, the air back in possibility rate is 1/1000, if you are lucky enough and got one, please contact us to resend.
✅ CONTAINS 7 BAGS VARIETY PACK Large Vacuum Bags 1x 100×70 cm, Medium Size Space Saver Bags 3x 80×56 cm, Small Travel Bag 3x 70×45 cm,1x Travel pump. Our bags are manufactured at the same plant as the brands you get at the big chain stores like Target and Walmart.
✅ RIGHT WAY TO USE Similar to all vacuum seal storage bags, please use the white clip provided to slide a long the blue zipper 2-3 times to ensure the zipper is fully close/tight before the vacuum process.The 5 Vacuum Compression Bag can Store those bulky items and reduce volume up to 75%!
✅ Great for seasonal clothing, suits, shirts and blouses, jackets, pants, formal wear, and other bulky items, Our compression bags make packing easier and more efficient, adding extra space and reducing packing frustration for your next trip.
✅ MONEY-BACK Your Satisfaction is our TOP Priority.If not satisfied for any reason,please return for a 100% refund.

Product Description

LanChuon Vacuum Seal Storage Bags,7 Pack Durable Space Saver Compression Bags Organizer

• Item: Storage Bags
• Type: Vacuum Storage Bag 
• Design: Vacuum Seal Organizer 
• Feature: Space Saver Saving, Foldable 
• Material: Plastic (PA and PE) 
• Color: Clear(light blue)
• 3 Sizes: 1x 100×70 cm, 3x 80×56 cm, 3x 70×45 cm
• Quantity: 7 PCS
• Function: Storage, Organizer
• Airtight and waterproof seal keeps out moisture and dirt.
• Stored items spring back to their full shape and size.
• Comes with vacuum suction valve on each bag to draw out the air in the bag by vacuum cleaner or pump.
• Zipper is fully close/tight before the vacuum process.
• Package Content:7 x Vacuum Bag,1 x Pump 

Keep out of the reach of children. to avoid danger of suffocation The Space Bag storage pack is not a toy. Do not use to store food items or items made of fur or leather. Do not puncture bag. Do not store bag near sharp objects or heat sources or in temperatures above 130°F (54.4°C) or below 0°F (-17.77°C). Restore the loft of filled items (comforters, parkas, etc.) every six months while in storage. Fluff items by hand or tumble in a cool dryer for 20 minutes. Reseal if desired. When storing papers or artwork, insert a non-bendable piece of cardboard before vacuuming out air. If you have any questions about the possible effects of vacuum storage on specific items, consult us.


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